Moto Coaching

Jason Verbracken aka "Verbie", has worked with top amateur athletes helping them win Loretta Lynn's Amateur National Championships, Qualify for SX main events, and outdoor nationals.

You will not find another coach in moto with the fitness of Jason. He can help riders achieve fitness that will allow them to outlast the competition.

Services Offered

Weekly communication phone calls, text, and emails

Days to train at the track

Times, number of laps, and heart rate zones to train at for upcoming races


Off-bike structured workouts

Building fundamentals to teach athlete about proper techniques and building a base for racing goals

Establishing heart zones for all off-bike workouts

Monitoring workouts and zones athlete is training in for workouts

Monthly assessments (depending on race schedule) to analyze how athlete is progressing

Structured off-the-bike endurance and strength workouts for peak performance

Teaching fundamentals of nutrition

Monitoring hydration and calorie intake for peak performance

Helping with proper recovery techniques for faster recovery

Weekly communication phone calls, text, and emails

Additional Services

Unlimited text, calls, email

Daily phone calls discussing goals, nutrition, and positive mental attitude

Positive attitude, Mental toughness, and Grit work

Southern California athletes off-bike training sessions together

Use of hyperbaric chamber and PEMF therapy

"Verbie has a vast knowledge of both on-bike and off-bike training that can help riders reach new levels of performance."

Buddy Antunez - Multi-time Arena cross champion and coach of top pro and amateur racers.

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